Pet Friendly Weed Killers

Pet Friendly Weed Killers

Your garden is your sanctuary, and you work hard to maintain it. But weeds can threaten the beauty of your yard. What’s more, they can be difficult to remove. While pulling weeds can solve the problem for a small amount of time, it isn’t a long-term solution. Maybe it’s time to invest in a weed killer.

However, if you have small children or pets, many weed killers can be dangerous to use. The best way to get around this issue is to use a pet friendly weed killer. Not sure which ones on the market are the pet friendly kind?

Check out these pet friendly weed killer reviews to find out.

Lawn Star

pet friendly weed killer

If you take pride in your lawn, and weeds have totally destroyed it, you’ll love the Lawn Star solution. It’s designed make your grass look amazing no matter what conditions your yard may be facing: drought, summer heat, or water restrictions.

“How?” you’re asking.

Simple. It’s toxic-free grass paint.

“Com’on,” you’re saying, “That stuff doesn’t look natural.”

Actually, Lawn Star’s formula looks incredibly natural. Even better, your lawn will be so green you’re neighbors might be jealous. What’s great about this grass paint is that it’s pet safe and non-toxic.

Use this product alongside a greenworks 25022 to always have a fantastic looking lawn.

30% Pure Vinegar

pet friendly weed killer

Want to know a big secret? Vinegar is a natural pet safe weed killer (1000).

30% pure vinegar is a great product to invest in because it will kill weeds almost overnight. While you can probably use this product by simply pouring a little bit onto the plant you want to kill, or mixing it with some water, you can also created an especially potent solution by combining some of this liquid with citrus oil.

But it gets even better.

While you could spend money on a commercial safe weed killer (480) with only one purpose (to kill weeds), this product is multi-functional.

Use it as a cleaning solution or a pet safe dandelion killer.

Pure Cold Pressed Orange Oil

pet friendly weed killer

The best thing about the Pure Cold Pressed orange oil is that it’s versatile.

Not only is this a pet safe weed killer (1000), but it can also be used around the house as a cleaner, bug and pest repellant, and even air freshener.

Completely non-toxic, this product is comprised of the oil collected from citrus peel. This oil is never heated so it loses none of its potency. In fact, you’ll find that the same citrus oil is used in a variety of perfumes and household cleaning products.

The reason why this product is so effective is because the oil acts like a natural solvent that can intensify the effects of other products.

Mix this product with vinegar to stomp out weeds in one application.

Avengers Organics Weed Killer

pet friendly weed killer

Also made with citrus oil, the Avenger Organics weed killer is a concentrate that is formulated strictly to eliminate weeds.

This is an especially good product to use if you’re really into organic gardening because the National Organic Program Rule and the U.S Department of Agriculture (USDA) approve this organic weed killer (4400).

Simply follow the instructions as provided and mix the required ratios of water plus solvent to create a powerful solution that’s tough on big and small weeds.

Non-toxic, this organic weed killer (4400) also smells amazing, so you won’t have to pinch your nose (or feel like you’re going to hurl) when using this product.

EcoSMART Organic Weed & Grass Killer

pet friendly weed killer

There’s a lot to like about the EcoSMART brand. With all natural herbicides and insecticides, this a great option if you’re looking for organic, non-toxic solutions to some of the peskiest problems.

This is a weed killer safe for dogs (590) and other pets.

Made with the essential oils extracted from plants, this product is fast and effective. In some cases, you can start seeing it working in as little as 30 minutes to an hour.

The best thing about this product is that it can kill all kinds of weeds, from thistle to dandelions.

Espoma Organic Weed Preventer

pet friendly weed killer

Espoma Organic weed preventer is another weed killer safe for dogs (590).

Multi-purpose, this corn gluten meal product not only kills weeds, but also acts as nutrient for your grass.

This pet friendly weed killer is easy to apply and highly effective. It can prevent the growth of weeds for a long time while also promoting the growth of lush green grass.

The reason this particular product is so effective is because corn meal gluten operates as a per-emergent herbicide, which means it stops weeds at their source—the seeds.

However, keep in mind that corn gluten can’t distinguish between weed seeds and other kinds of seeds. For that reason, it’s important to avoid using this product on seeds you’ve planted because it will actually inhibit their growth.

Another thing to know is that placing this product directly on sprouting weeds will not kill them. Corn meal gluten only prevents seeds from growing. It doesn’t kill plants.

If you never want to weed again then this is a great product because it will keep all those unwanted plants out of your yard.

Red Dragon VT

pet friendly weed killer

With the ability to torch weeds, this product really lives up to its name.

Use it to quickly eliminate unwanted plants by simply flaming them.

You can also use this device to sterilize metal cages and thaw frozen pipes.

But the best part? The Red Dragon is safe for all pets (as long as their out of the line of fire).

Intended to operate with a propane tank, this all steel vapor kit is exceptionally well made.

If you have a big yard, or even own some farmland, and like to stay on top of weeds, this is the perfect product for you.

As you spot weeds, simply expose them to the flame and they’ll be gone in no time.

Why can weed killers be dangerous to our pets?

While there hasn’t been a wide array of scientific studies done on the exact effects of herbicides on animals, there is some evidence that suggest that it can make your dog (or cat) sick.

Exposure to weed killers can actually make your pet vomit, especially if ingested.

What’s more, there’s some suspicion in the scientific community that long-term exposure to weed killers can actually promote the development of cancer in dogs.

According to a study conducted at University of Maryland, herbicides can get into a dog’s system. Although the extent of its effect remains unclear, it’s important not to take any chances.

Always leave your dog inside when spraying herbicides, and, when possible, swap out the toxic stuff for pet friendly weed killers.

Homemade weed killers you can find around the home

If you don’t have the money to spend on organic herbicides, there are a variety of safe weed killers (480) that you can find in your pantry. These effective home weed solutions include:

  • Boiled water: simply boil on the stove and dump on the targeted weeds.
  • Salt: Mix with hot water and a small amount of dish soap. Spray on unwanted plants.
  • Vinegar: 30% vinegar tends to be more effective on tough weeds, but even household vinegar can tackle a wide variety.
  • Bleach: this kills almost kind of plant. Simply put into a spray bottle and attack.
  • Rubbing alcohol: this will actually suck the moisture out of a plant.
  • Newspaper: when all else fails, cut off the sun supply by covering weeds with newspaper.

How to use weed killer

Finding the most effective way to use weed killer will really depend on the kind.

Still, some of the same basic principles apply when it comes to safety.

First, no matter if you use a toxic, non-toxic, or homemade herbicide, it’s always important to wear clothing that will protect your skin. You want to avoid potential irritation that can come from overexposure.

Secondly, never apply any kind of weed killer on a windy day. The herbicide won’t reach the targeted areas, and you risk having the solution come into contact with your eyes, mouth, or nose. Additionally, you also risk having the product land on unintended plants.

Finally, if you want your weed killer to be really effective, add a little dish soap with your mixture in the spray bottle. This will ensure that the solution actually sticks to the leaves of the plant, killing it faster.

How to avoid killing your grass

The only way to get around this issue is to simply cover the grass (or plants) that you don’t want to kill while you spray.

Make sure that you keep a steady hand while apply your preferred weed killer. Also, if you use something like vinegar (or even a product with oils) don’t let the product spread to other plants.


In an ever-modernizing world weed killers are just a necessary fact of life, especially if you have a garden.

Do a little research and you’ll find that weed killers are used to promote the growth of most eatable products. You’ll find them in almost everything (there’s even been evidence of weed killers found in our breakfast cereal.)

However, toxic weed killers can have a dramatic impact on your health and the health of those around you, including your pets.

But you have the power to protect your loved ones (yes, even the furry kind) by opting to choose pet friendly weed killers over the traditional, harmful types.

It’s easy to change, but it will make a world of a difference when it comes to the health of your family.

In the process of making this simple modification you just might end up saving a four-legged life.

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