Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Reviews

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Rodents, snakes, lizards, and even insects can be down right disgusting to deal with, let alone tolerate under the same roof. What’s more, infestations can cause damages to your health and property that can cost hundreds of dollars to restore. While there’s not a whole lot you can do to completely avoid contact with these creatures, especially if you live New Orleans (the city with the most amount pests) you can try to fend them off from your home. One of the best solutions to keep pests away is an ultrasonic pest repeller. These products are easy to operate, safe, and extremely effective.

Read the following ultrasonic pest repeller reviews to find the best model for your home.

Cravegreens Pest Control Ultrasonic Repellent

ultrasonic pest repeller

This pest repeller uses ultrasonic and electromagnetic technology to rid your home of all kinds of pesky rodents and bugs, including mosquitos, roaches, and mice.

The great thing about the Cravegreens Pest control, and other products like it, is that it emits a high frequency sound that’s inaudible to the human ear, but that drives all the creepy crawlies away.

Backed by a lifetime guarantee, where the manufacturer will actually return your money if you don’t see results within three weeks, you can rest assured that this is a high quality little machine that works.

Not only does this repeller keep pests out, it can also scare off infestations. Use this product and pesky critters will be running for the door.

It’s important to always keep in mind that, as with any kind of repellent or trapping method, results can take time to show, usually about 2-3 weeks.

Be patient. As time goes on you’ll start to see a reduction in the amount of pests inviting themselves into your home.

Cravegreens Pest Control Ultrasonic Repeller

ultrasonic pest repeller

As an Amazon bestseller, there are a lot of reasons to love this Cravegreen pest Repeller. Ants, mice, rats, and mosquitoes and even flies cannot stand this device.

Just plug it in, and in about 3 weeks you should be bug-free and rodent-free in no time.

The great thing about these devices is that they also protect your home from new invasions.

Once it starts working pests won’t want to stick around. Additionally, these products are that are also portable. Take them with you on a long trip, to keep rodents and insects away from your RV or campsite.

Bell + Howell

ultrasonic pest repeller

The Bell + Howell is a great, inexpensive option for getting rid of flies, rodents, and roaches. You can also use it to get rid of spiders and other insects.

One thing to be aware of however is that while pest repellers are great at getting a small infestation out of the house, they’re no match for large problems.

Remember, sometimes there’s nothing that can replace a professional exterminator, especially if other methods don’t seem to be working well.

Also, keep a watchful eye out when using the Bell + Howell. This particular ultrasonic pest control system is of a cheaper make that can catch fire in some cases.

Monitor the system periodically. If you notice it overheating, unplug it right away.

GreenGuard Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

ultrasonic pest repeller

Another reasons to prefer ultrasonic pest control (590) is because it’s a humane method to eliminate rodents and other problem creatures from your home without killing them.

If you abhor the idea of killing one of these creatures (but equally tremble at the thought of having to capture one) then you’ll especially like the GreenGaurd.

For less than twenty dollars you can buy a two-pack of this electronic pest repeller, which is supported by a money-back guarantee.

The ultrasonic waves produced by this product pierce through ceilings, walls, and around furniture, reaching all pests and ushering them to the door.

Pest Block Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

ultrasonic pest repeller

Mice and other rodents really don’t like the Pest Block.

Simply place of theses in every room, and you’ll see signs of rodents disappearing— in some cases in as little as days.

You can also use this repeller in areas like your attic, basement, and garage to protect important files and memories from being chewed through.

This product is an especially inexpensive alternative to using insecticides or poisons.

Why expose your family to harmful chemicals when you don’t have to? Simply plug this product in and any rodents or other critters will be scurrying for the door fast.

Pest Block is also durable and long-lasting, with an estimated two year lifespan, meaning that you’re likely to be pest-free for two years.

This model can also be used to repel ants, roaches, and spiders.

LINK Innovation Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Control

ultrasonic pest repeller

The great thing about the LINK innovation is that you only need one system for your home (unless you live in a house over 1,200 square feet).

However, for a large infestation you might need more than one system for each room, since the ultrasonic waves generated by this product can’t travel through walls.

This pest repeller is especially effective at getting beg bugs, centipedes, mosquitoes, ants, and snakes.

Don’t forget that some products can take time to work.

Another thing to keep in mind is that shortly after operating this product, you may see a “rise” in the amount of pests in your house. What’s actually happening is that the pests are unable to tolerate the noise and are on their way out, being pulled out of their hiding places in search of a way out.

OxGord Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

ultrasonic pest repeller

With three weeks of continual use, this electronic pest repeller will eliminate a wide range of pest problems, from vermin to roaches and insects.

Like a lot of other products, the OxGord repeller is also a safe and healthy alternative to traps or poison. You can even use it around children and pets.

But it gets better.

Operation is totally simple. You don’t need to fumble with batteries. All you do is plug in the machine and it begins it’s anti-pest campaign right away.

This is a cost effective method to get rid of pests, without having to empty your wallet or set frustrating (and sometimes dangerous) traps.

TinkrTec Pest PRO Ultrasonic Electronic Pest Repeller with Adjustable Frequecy

ultrasonic pest repeller

What’s really nice about the TinkrTec PestsPRO is that it’s as state-of-the-art as it looks. With the capacity to manually adjust the frequency, so that rodents can’t get acclimated to the pitch, few other repellers can compare.

Additionally, this product is cost effective and efficiently scares off creepy crawlers. It’s also completely pet safe, and can be used around a wide variety of pets such as cats, dogs, and even pet rabbits (however, it’s probably not a good idea to use this around pet mice or hamsters).

You can also try using this product outside to scare pests away from your yard or garden.

iGadge 5 in 1 Pest Repellent

ultrasonic pest repeller

This innovative ultrasonic pest repeller uses several different technologies to scare pests away, ensuring that you get the most out of this little machine.

Featuring a built in air purifier and side sockets that allow you to plug in other devices, this is a multifunctional repeller.

It operates using ultrasonic, ionic, and electromagnetic technologies, taking pest elimination to the max. In fact, this is probably the most effective electromagnetic pest repeller on the market.

The perks don’t stop there however. This device is stylish, with a built in nightlight, and also energy efficient. And the best part about it is that it really works.

Within a few days you might even catch glimpses of bugs and rodents that appear disoriented and desperate to leave your home.

Just don’t forget that seeing an increase of pest activity doesn’t mean it’s not working. The sound may be luring pests out of their hiding places in search of refuge elsewhere.

Stellar Repeller Pest Control Ultrasonic Pest Repellent

ultrasonic pest repeller

The nice thing about the stellar repeller is that it also works on fleas, which few other repellers can do.

What’s more, with the ability to cover 1,350 square feet in ultrasonic sound that can penetrate walls, this model really has your back when it comes to pest elimination.

The device’s updated technology also gives pests an offer they can’t refuse. The sound it emits is so jarring that pests have little choice but to evacuate at once.

In some cases, you might start seeing most or all of the pests gone in as little as two days.

How does ultrasonic pest repellent work?

These repellers work by emitting ultrasound, which is a frequency that exceeds 20,000 Hertz. Although it’s so high pitched it’s undetectable to the human ear, these frequencies cause significant discomfort for roaches, vermin, and other invaders, causing them to leave the area in search of a less stressful environment.

Pest become disoriented, confused, and in some cases suffer death from being exposed to these high frequencies for a long time.

It’s important to note, however, that death is not a typical side effect of ultrasonic repellents since most pests will simply leave the area once they start to feel uncomfortable.

Are they effective?

As with a lot of repellents, ultrasonic devices are not the end all be all when it comes to eliminating pests.

They can do a great job at significantly lowering their numbers, (and in many cases drive them away completely) but in the face of a large infestation they simply won’t be enough.

Are they considered harmful to human hearing?

Infrasonic sound (low-frequency), can make you sick with prolonged exposure. This naturally occurring sound frequency (think earthquakes and ocean currents), can create negative vibrations that have physical effects on our bodies.

Potential side effects include nausea, dizziness, and headaches.

However, ultrasonic sounds (high-frequency) should not be confused with its counterpart. Although there is some on going research underway to determine what effect, if any, ultrasonic sound has on humans, currently there is little scientific evidence of ultrasonic pest repeller side effects.

Is it safe to use around pregnant women?

Ultrasonic sound devices are safe to use around pregnant mothers. Since repellers generate high frequencies, but not intense concentrations, they don’t create the kind of vibrations often associated with infrasonic sound.

That means that pregnant women are no more likely to have miscarriages or suffer birth complications because they use ultrasonic devices.

In fact, these types of devices are a good alternative to the potentially harmful poisons or toxins used to eliminate pests.

Are ultrasonic pest repellers safe for babies?

Even though younger children are known to be able to hear higher frequencies than adults (since adults start to lose hearing sharpness as they get older), even newborns cannot hear the sounds emitted by ultrasonic devices.

Babies will be as unaffected by the sound as you because cannot they cannot hear it. The reason is that the frequencies emitted by repellers are outside of their hearing capacity. (humans hear in the range of 20-20,000 Hz).

Are ultrasonic pest repellers safe for pets?

In most cases, ultrasonic sounds go unnoticed by dogs or cats. It’s extremely rare for dogs or cats to hear the frequencies emitted by these machines.

However, occasionally it does happen.

That’s why it’s important to monitor your pet closely to make sure they aren’t exhibiting any kind of distress.

If you notice odd behavior, disorientation, or other unusual side effects discontinue use of the product immediately.

Remember, however, that domesticated rodents such as hamsters and mice are likely to be affected by the sound.

It’s recommended that you always refer to the manufacturer’s label to address these concerns. And when in doubt, don’t use it. It’s always smarter to go with a more tried method of pest elimination, such as a mosquito fogger, than risk your pet’s life.

What kind of pests does it kill/repel?

The kinds of pests these products can repel vary depending on the device. Some specialize in a few particular types, like rodents, while others are designed to target a wide assortment of critters.

Typically electromagnetic systems target spiders, ants, and rodents, while bats, rodents, grasshoppers, locusts, roaches, and mosquitoes can hear sounds generated ultrasonic devices.

How long is the lifespan of an ultrasonic pest repellant?

Depending on the kind of the device, the life span can differ. More higher end products have the potential to last for years at a time, while repellers made with cheaper materials might not last long at all.

As a general rule thumb, the average lifetime of these products is about one year.

However, you should always check with the information that comes with your manufacturer’s guarantee to know how long your specific product is expected to last.

Using these products beyond their lifetime might just inspire rodents to step into your home again.

How to make a homemade pest repeller?

There are a wide variety of insect and rodent repellers that can be found at home. These include peppermint essential oil, Caster oil, onions, and even mothballs.

However, if you’re really determined to take a stab at eliminating pests the natural way, there are some homemade pest repellers you can turn to. Gives these recipes a try to rid your home of pests.

  • Coffee grounds: Bugs don’t like coffee. You can use recycled coffee grounds to deter ants and other insects from crawling into your home by simply placing the grounds in areas where you suspect they made be entering.
  • Garlic and Mint: You can fend off mosquitoes and other pesky bugs using a concoction made of garlic, mint, cayenne pepper, and a drop of dishwashing soap. Simply put the garlic cloves and mint leaves in a food processor, blend, and then bring the whole mix to a boil over the stove.
  • Hot Pepper Spray: If you really want to scare off mice, rats, and insects, just try one of these pepper sprays. For the first recipe mix three tablespoons of hot pepper flakes with one gallon of water and simmer over the stove for about 10-15 minutes. Let it sit for 24 hours before using. Another version of this spray is made with half a cup of habaneros, 2 tablespoons of red pepper flakes, and one gallon of water. Boil over the stovetop and then allow it to rest for 24 hours before use. Always make sure to take proper safety precautions when spraying any kind of hot pepper product, since if can irritate your skin and eyes.


Don’t let pests run your house.

Take back your home by using an ultrasonic repellent device.

You’ll be happy to know that pests are leaving your home, and pests will be happy to just get out.

Even better, these devices will help ensure that once the little critters are gone, they don’t come back.

However, remember, while there isn’t any proof of the effects ultrasonic sound can have on humans, always check the manufacturer’s information to ensure the safety of your pet.

In most cases you’ll find that you’ll have a happy, pest-free home in no time.

Protect your family, and your self, from dangerous diseases without exposing anyone to toxins or limb threating traps.

Embrace hassle-free pest elimination by purchasing an ultrasonic pest repeller.

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