Worx GT2 Reviews

worx gt2 review

Does stepping out onto your lawn feel like you’re stepping into a cornfield? If that’s the case, it is most definitely time for a trim. But what if a standard push mower seems too inconvenient, and lawn services too expensive? Then, it might be time to look into a lawn trimmer. Not convinced? Read on for the latest worx GT2 reviews, one of the best lawn trimmers available.

Lawn trimmers are user-friendly, affordable alternatives to a mower. Let’s be honest. It’s outrageous to pay $50 and up to have your lawn trimmed on a weekly, or bi-weekly, basis.

However, the alternative, buying an $800-$1500 push mower might not seem that appealing either, especially if the grass areas in your yard are fairly small. What’s more, many weed wackers can be a hassle to use. They can be dangerous (watch your toes!), and sometimes don’t cut exact.

Worx GT 2.0 WG160 Cordless Lithium Grass Trimmer/Edger and Mini Mower

worx GT2 review

The Worx GT is not just a trimmer, or just a mower, or just an edger—it’s all three. Want to grow your own grass chair? This trimmer will help you to maintain a beautiful and comfortable seat, with it’s state of the art design.


Another thing worx gt2 reviews reveal is that this lithium-powered trimmer is a great value. Not only does it feature an innovated 3-in-1 function, but it also has a 12-inch cutting diameter, allowing you to get more done in less time.

Need a mower?

Adjust the wheels and you’ll have your very own min-mower. This product can also transform into an edger in seconds, without having to use tools. And the perks don’t stop there.

A 20-volt lithium battery powers the cordless worx trimmer, making it lightweight and long lasting. Worx gt2 trimmer reviews hail this product for its user-friendly design, developed with the user’s convenience in mind.

This quality design especially comes through in the accessible quick-release leveler, which adjusts the trimmer’s height easily.

If you’re looking for an innovative and intuitive alternative to having multiple trimming tools, or if a mower is simply not an investment you’d like to make right now, then the worx gt2 is perfect for you.

How to Assemble the WORX GT 2.0

One of the best things that worx GT2 reviews can help you conquer is the assembly process. The great thing about the worx gt2 is that most of the assembly is done for you. And while assembly is not particularly difficult, making a mistake, or fussing with the manual, can be cost you a lot of time. Follow the instructions below to quickly assemble your worx trimmer.

1. Begin by charging the battery. Attach the lithium battery to the adapter and plug the end of the adapter into a power outlet.

2. Place the safety guard onto the trimmer. Remove the screw on the underside of the guard, and carefully place the guard onto the back of the tool. Gently push on the guard until you hear it pop into place. With a screwdriver, secure the guard using the found screw.

3. Wheel Placement. The placement of the wheels can vary, depending on how you intend to use your trimmer. For the mini mower feature, the wheels must be attached at the back of the safety guard (a). To use the tool as an edger, attach the wheels to the side of the trimmer (b).

a. Beneath the safety guard you will find a metal plate. Slide the wheels vertically onto the plate until they lock into position.

b. Slide the wheels over the metal attachment located on the side of the trimmer. Secure them by making sure that they’ve firmly slid into place.

How to Replace Spools & Change the Trimmer Line

To replace the spools and trimmer line on your new yard tool, follow these steps:

1. Remove the old spool. Turn the trimmer over and open spool cap. Pull out the old spool and dispose.

2. Replace with a new spool. Take the end of the new line and run it through the brass hole located on the underside of the trimmer. Make sure the line is completely straight. Seat the new spool in the spool holder, and replace the cap.

How to adjust the trimmer head

What’s particularly nice about this trimmer is that it’s user friendly in all aspects. That includes adjusting the trimmer head.

1. Unlock the security knob, located at the lower end of the telescopic shaft.

2. Gently push down on the safety guard to adjust the trimmer head to desired position

3. Relock the security switch.

How to adjust from powerful trimmer to precision edger

Another thing worx GT2 reviews can help you do is learn how to transform your new trimmer into an edger. Follow theses steps:

1. Unlock the security knob and adjust the trimmer head to a flat position. Then relock the knob

2. Gently pull and twist the trimmer head so that the safety guard runs parallel to the shaft.

How to convert to a mini mower

Among the most convenient aspects of the worx gt 2.0 is that it allows you to quickly change your trimmer into a mini mower. Keep reading to discover how.

1. Remove the wheels from the edger position. Flip the trimmer over and attach the wheels to the safety guard.

Don’t forget you can also adjust the height of the trimmer’s head to 90 degrees, which allows you to trim harder-to-reach areas.


When it comes to purchasing the ideal trimmer for you, don’t settle for any old weed wacker. The worx gt 2.0 is the best weed wacker of it’s kind.

What’s more, the trimmer’s 3-in-1 feature saves you money. Instead buying a mower and an edger to perfect the look of your lawn, you’ll have one product that can accomplish all your lawn maintenance needs.

So save yourself some space in your garage by replacing your bulky lawn mower with a worx gt 2.0 trimmer.

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